Speech Assistant tips and features

The app can be completely customized and personalized.
To change the settings click on the button 'Settings'.  The Settings button will be visible by scrolling down on the Speak/Show buttons.
Change the speech language or voice

The voice is not part of the app, but the app uses the voices that are installed on your device.
For instance Google Text-to-Speech has several voices and languages to choose from. If Google Text-to-Speech is not installed on your device, you can download it from the
Google Play Store.

To change the Text-to-Speech settings or select another speech language you can go to the Settings of the app and then select  'Speech and sound' .
Categories, words and phrases

You can change, delete or add your own categories, words and phrases.

You can add 12 categories and per category 100 phrases.

1. Go to the menu of the app.
2. Then 'Categories and Phrases'.
3. Touch the category you want to change.
4. Then a list of the phrases belonging to
     that category is shown.
5. Then touch one of the buttons that are
     described below.
Touch one of the buttons with a number to change the position of the phrase on the main screen.

Touch to change the phrase.

Touch to delete the phrase.

Touch to add a new phrase.

Main screen

This is the main screen of the Android app Speech Assistant.

Scrollable area with the 8 action buttons.  By scrolling you also get the buttons 'Save phrase', 'Edit phrase' and 'Settings'.

Scrollable area with the

Scrollable area with the phrases that belong to the selected category.

Show your message fullscreen

In certain situations, in for instance a noisy environment, it can be useful to show your message fullscreen.

Just touch the show button and your message will be shown with the textsize as large as possible. You can also pinch-zoom to adjust the textsize.

With the attention sound you can make people aware that you're showing a message.
You can change the attention sound in the settings.
Special features

Autocomplete searches the phrases on the buttons based on your typing and provides a suggested picklist.

Direct speak:
With this the phrases are spoken directly after touching a button with a phrase.

Direct show:
With this option the phrases are shown on full screen directly after touching a button with a phrase.

Prevent double touching:
To prevent double touching in case of shaking fingers you can set the disable time after touching of the buttons.

Simple built in keyboard:
You can enable a simple keyboard with large buttons and adjustable characters.
Go to the menu of the app, then 'Categories and Phrases' and then 'Keyboard category'.

Backup and restore:
The categories and phrases can be backed up to a text file. This text file can also be edited on a pc and then be restored into the app,
Supported hardware

Works on all tablets and smartphones:
The app can be used on Android tablets and smartphones with all screensizes and resolutions.

Works with an Android TV stick:
With an Android TV stick you can also use the app on a television.

USB or bluetooth keyboards :
It's also possible to use the app with input devices like USB or bluetooth keyboards and mouses.

Miracast :
With a Miracast adapter connected to a hdmi port of your televion and an Android device which supports Miracast, you can cast the app wireless to the screen of your televion.
More tips

If you touch the display with the message, the Android keyboard appears so you can then type your own message.

With the button Save you can save the current phrase to a selected category,

With the button Send you can send your message to Mail, SMS, Whatapps, Google+ or Twitter.

With the layout settings and the personal color scheme you can make the app look the way you like it.
Support for USB and Bluetooth keyboards

You can define keyboard shortcuts in the General settings for the Speak, Clear and Show button.

Using the shortcuts makes it very easy to just type a sentence, let the app speak the sentence and clear it again by only using the keyboard.

The functions can be assigned to the following keys:
Enter, Alt left, Alt right, Ctrl left, Ctrl right, F1, F2, F3.
Other languages or voices
Other female and male voices or languages can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
For instance from companies like SVOX and Acapela.

Available other Dutch voices in the Google Play Store:
SVOX (Jan en Lena) en Acapela (several voices) .
General Settings:
   Auto complete, option to prevent double touching and more options.
Layout and Colors:
   The size of the buttons, the display and the textsize can be adjusted.
   It is also possible to adjust the color scheme.
Categories and Phrases:
   Add, change or delete your own categories, words or phrases.
Speech and sound:
   For adjusting the sound settings and a link to the Text-to-Speech
   settings of your device.
Two quick settings:
   Direct speak and direct show.
Transfer the categories and phrases

You can transfer the categories and phrases to another device or another person:

Go to the settings of the app.
Then go to 'Categories and phrases', scroll down and click on Backup.
On the result screen click on Send and then select Gmail and mail the file to yourself or the person you want to transfer the categories and phrases.
On the other device start Gmail, open the mail and click on the 3 dots on the attachment and then click on Save.
Then start Speech Assistant, go to the settings and click on Restore and select the file.

Male voice
Google Text-to-Speech has one English male voice:
Go to the settings of the app.
Select 'Speech and sound'.
Tap on 'Text-to-speech Engine' and there select the
   Google Text-to-speech Engine.
Tap on the settings icon right next to the engine and
   then go to 'Install voice data'.
Select 'English (United Kingdom)' and then the male voice.
After that go back and then go to Languages and select
   English (United Kingdom).