Speech Assistant AAC for iOS

A Text-to-Speech communication app for people who are speech impaired.

Designed for iPad and iPhone.
Many features, Easy to use, Fully customizable.
About the app
Speech Assistant AAC is a Text-to-Speech app designed for people who are speech impaired.
The app can be used on iPhones and iPads with iOS 10 or newer.
Available in English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish.
The app does not collect any data, so your conversations always stay private.
Fully customizable
The size and color of the buttons, the textbox and the button texts can be adjusted.
The app has various color schemes, but you can also create a personal color scheme.
The order of the actionbuttons can be changed and you can choose which buttons will be shown on the screen.
The app uses the high quality iOS voices, there are 90 voices for 27 languages available.
The voice can be selected in the app, the rate and pitch of the selected voice can be adjusted.
Option to record speech on to a button and to import voice recordings into the app.
Phone Calls
You can use the app during Phone Calls and for example with FaceTime or Skype (on an iPhone/iPad with iOS 13 or newer).
In this way you don't need a second device anymore for the speech output.
The speech output will be audible for the other person on the phone (not on your device).
Categories and Phrases
You can create an unlimited number of categories to organize your phrases for quick access.
In the settings you can enable History for quick access to previous phrases.
Auto Search option that searches, based on your typing, through all your phrases and places a row of found phrases on the on-screen keyboard.
Full Screen
Show your message on full screen with a very large font. Useful for communicating in a noisy environment.
You can show your message to the person opposite of you with a button to flip the text.
Photos and Symbols
The app has the option to place Photos or Symbols on the buttons next to the phrase.
The photos can be selected from your photo library.
The symbols can be selected from the set of 3400 Mulberry symbols (mulberrysymbols.org).
User profiles
With the app you can create user profiles with their own categories and phrases.
The selected voice and the layout settings are also saved in the user profile.
The profiles can be used for multilingual support and for different persons or situations.
Backup and AirDrop
The app supports backup to iCloud, Mail or AirDrop.
With AirDrop you can send a complete backup (categories, phrases, images and recordings) to another iPhone or iPad.
The app also has a feature to import voice recordings into the app.
Screenshots (iPhone)
Videos (iPad)
Make a message
This demo shows how to make a message by tapping on a phrase button, then by typing and finding a phrase with the autosearch feature. The message is then spoken (with highlighting on) and shown on full screen.
Save a new phrase
This demo shows how to make a message in the textbox with the autosearch feature and then saving it by adding a new phrase button. The new button with the phrase is given a label, color and image.
"Speech Assistant is very ergonomic and includes many well-thought-out accessibility parameters, more so than some other more expensive apps. It is possible to adjust it to the specific needs of many users, for the visual presentation (font size, number of cells per page, colors, side of the screen to display action buttons) as well as for the numerous and well-conceived options (button functions to be displayed, function selection for many action buttons). The size and accessibility of action buttons is a major plus for this application.
When my patients try this app, they find it simple and efficient to use. In my experience, this is the most essential aspect that determines if they are going to use AAC in the long run or not."
Martine Barrette, Speech-Language Pathologist.
CISSS des Laurentides, Health services provider in Québec.
"I love this app! It is the best AAC I have used for those who can read and type. I especially like the rotate text for loud areas, crowds, or with those who are hearing impaired. Highly recommend!"
"Speech Assistant is so easy to use and customize. Love that there are different voices and with the ability to change voice pitch and speech rate. It’s very intuitive and my 85-year old patient, who hates “technology,” was able to use it easily after a 5-min demo!"
"This app is perfect for my severely autistic teenage son. The flexibility is great. This is a very useful, flexible, and stable app."
All Apps
Speech Assistant AAC for iOS
The standard version of the ‘Augmentative and Alternative Communication’ app for people with speech impairments, for example due to Aphasia, MND/ALS or Autism.
Easy to use, many features, fully customizable and with an intuitive design.
Affordable, one time payment, no subscription.
Speech Assist Switch for iOS
A special version of the app with features for scanning with iOS Switch Control. With Switch Control users with motor difficulties can operate their iOS device with a switch.
If you operate your iPad with a switch and iOS Switch Control (instead of touch input) then this app is a good option.
If you don't use a switch, then the standard version of the app is the better choice.
Speech Assistant for Android
The app is also available for Android.
The basic version of the Android app is free and within the app there is the option to upgrade to the full version with additional features.
The full version of the Android app does not offer all the features of the iOS version of the app (such as images on buttons and the option to make voice recordings).
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